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Thread: Manual Keg Washer (NEW) Two Station $4250

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    Manual Keg Washer (NEW) Two Station $4250

    Two Station Manual Keg Washer: Please reply to

    Manually loaded and manually operated
    Keg washer designed to purge, drain, Hot caustic wash , rinse, sanitation and last co2*charge.*
    Equipped with 2 couplers. *
    Keg washer designed to clean any style keg 20L (1/6bbl), 30L(1/4bbl), 50L, and 58.6L(1/2bbl).*
    Keg washer designed to clean approximately (24) kegs per hour.*
    Specifications / Utilities:*
    • Approximate dimensions - 24” D x 48” W x 30” working height*
    • Frame construction, 304 Stainless Steel, polished.*
    • Washer includes heated 30 Litre (7.5 gal) caustic tank, with level sight gauge*and tank drain valve*
    • ½ HP stainless steel housing pump.**
    • Washer equipped with regulators for compressed air and CO2 supply.*
    • System plumbing 1 ½” Tri-Clamp stainless steel piping.*
    • Washer equipped with three* (2) Sankey keg couplers.* Couplers available for*other keg styles upon request.*
    • Electrical requirements: 120 VAC, single phase, 25a
    • Plant Water: rinse water, 20 GPM 40-50 PSI*
    • Plant CO2:* 8-15 CFM @ 60 PSI*
    • Plant Compressed Air:* compressed air (filtered) 8-15 CFM @ 60 PSI*

    Ships from Ontario, Canada. (No-tax for US customers)

    Please reply to (we do not check Probrewer inbox regularly)
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    Updated Specs

    Just an update that we've added extra check valves to the air and C02 to the lines.

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    Ad renewal bump

    Thank you for supporting

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