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Thread: backup pump recommendation, 3bbl brewery

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    backup pump recommendation, 3bbl brewery

    Hi all

    I'm planning on one of these for our 3bbl brewery, oversized somewhat to be adequate for CIP of a 7bbl fermenter in the mix, as well as planning ahead for bigger tanks across the board in the future. C100MD 1HP, stainless steel washdown motor on stainless steel cart with a digital VFD speed control.

    What would folks be recommending as a less expensive backup pump for a smaller brewery, for situations when the main pump is tied up with other tasks (and when I need a second pump on brewdays, eg. hot liquor moving over during sparge, while simultaneously pumping from grant in to kettle) or if it is inevitably down for maintenance? I'm hoping the big pump will take care of most hot and cold (where necessary) transfers, CIP, and keg washing. Ideally the backup pump could cover this tasks adequately, even if less than ideally. eg. the beefiest of the magnetic drive March or Chuggers.

    Also, is there any huge advantage to 110 vs 208 (single phase) when choosing options on VFD pump (besides pulling less amps on the latter)? I can arrange for extra 208 outlet/s in the brewery, they will always be useful, but don't want to do so unnecessarily.

    Cheers for any advice!
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