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Thread: Gopher Kegs Keg Washers

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    Gopher Kegs Keg Washers

    Gopher Kegs is excited to announce that we have lowered the price of our keg washers and now have single phase available! These 2 head keg washers are proudly built in Portland, OR with the highest of standards. They come ready to plug in and go. The only thing that you need is an electric outlet, plug, Co2, air, and cleaning chemicals.

    We have lowered the price of our 3-phase keg washers to $7,750.
    Our new single phase keg washers are $8,250.

    We can also build single or 3 phase machines to your specifications, with or without pumps and heating elements.

    Contact: Visit us at or call us at (541)508-5218

    Photos are of 3-phase keg washer.
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    Gopher Kegs

    Bend, OR
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Oklahoma City, OK
    St. Petersburg, FL
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    In stock, ready to ship

    We have single phase and three phase keg washers in stock!


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    Question Reviews?

    Are there any reviews of these Gopher manual keg washers out there? We're thinking hard about this rental program, but its hard to pull the trigger with no more information that what is available on the mfg website. They look pretty straightforward, but you never know.

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