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Thread: Brewery in the basement

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    Brewery in the basement

    We are considering moving to a new location, and the location can't get any better and the building has tons of character. One surprise, which I didn't even know until I went for a walk through, is the building has a basement. This place is going to need considerable work, and so we want to make sure it's not a silly decision. Does anyone have experience with a brewery in the basement but the loading dock upstairs? How do you make it work? Is a fright elevator a must? Put a forklift downstairs with a cutaway to the second floor?I am assuming it is the right choice to put the brewery downstairs as the floor would need structural changes to make it load bearing for the weight we would be putting on it.
    What about getting all the goodies down into the basement? Is a small crane the only option ?

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    You need an engineer, and a brewery design consultant (many equipment suppliers have them on staff).

    I, personally, would hate to squirrel away all that pretty stainless in a venting will be a challenge.

    As for a freight elevator - I suppose it depends how much "work related fitness" you're looking for!! I hate carrying softener salt into my basement - I can't imagine carrying 1000's of pounds of malt every month!!


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