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Thread: Grist Hydrator

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    Grist Hydrator

    We're looking for a replacement grist hydrator for our mash tun, 4" TC port. We currently have a "turbo" style, such as GW Kent appears to be selling, but we're finding that ineffective. We are milling directly into the mash tun via auger, and the speed at which we need to deliver strike water seems to be too slow to adequately wet the grains with this hydrator design. Quite a bit of bone dry grain hitting the mash, and it gets a bit nightmarish with Maris Otter.

    Thinking perhaps a perforated design would work a bit better. Already contacted Bennett on the basis of this older thread, but also open to other suggestions. Thanks!

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    I have a turbo style from glacier. Fed with a 1/2" line at full blast I can wet .33lbs per second and it's all soaked. If you pump a 1" or 1.5" water line in I don't see how that wouldn't dampen everything, but I could be wrong.

    I looked at one from Forge Stainless in CO as well - different design.


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