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Thread: 001 cal ale ferm temps - how low can you go?

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    001 cal ale ferm temps - how low can you go?

    anyone out there that has pushed the lower limits of the fermentation temp for white labs 001 ? i am interested in hearing the stories of anyone who has done primary fermentations in the 59 degree F and lower range. What type of wort and how did it perform.

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    RE: WLP001 ferment temps

    We routinely ferment our 001 around 62F but for our cream ale we go down to 55F for 5 days and ramp up to 65F for diacetyl rest. The wort is 12P and drops down to 2.7P. I've noticed that we get a subtle sulfur note which comes out tasting quite pilnerish. We tend to overpitch and overaerate to make the drop go OK. We knock out at 62F and take it down to 55F within 48 hours. Hope this helps.
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    01 will go to 52F in my system with no problems other than smaller than average yeast crop.
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    Another great multi-temp working yeast is the WLP029 German Ale/Kolsch. I've fermented that as low as 52F and still got a great harvest out of it. Not the most flocculant yeast, however. I'm not brave enough, though, to see how low I can push the 002, nothing worse than a fermenter full of 10% attenuated wort!
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