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Thread: Forced Wort Attenuation Testing

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    Forced Wort Attenuation Testing

    Fellow Brewers,

    We are in the beginning states of developing a thorough QA/QC program. The next phase that we would like to implement is a forced attenuation procedure. We would love for anyone that has previous experience in regards to the equipment purchase, setup, installation and implementation of "The Forced Wort Attenuation," to please share any information that could prove useful. Thank you for your time in advance.



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    It really isn't a hard thing to implement and you may have what you need already; basically, just a vessel that can hold a liter or so with head space. I use a large flask, but a food grade pitcher or bucket will do just fine, clean and sanitize with your chemicals of choice as you would any fermentation vessel. I draw the wort after knockout, over pitch dramatically ( I go by a factor of 10, others may have different rations they prefer), and place the vessel in a warm place. Use an airlock or a plastic lunch bag, etc over the top of the vessel to make sure nothing gets in it of course. When it ferments out (which should be at most 2 days with the over pitch) check the gravity and there's your base line for that batch. Simple.

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    The Yeast book by Chris White and Jamil Zainaheff has a section for yeast and beer QC. There are procedures for forced ferment and forced wort testing.


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