Hey folks,

here's the plan...

I am installing an RO system next week to filter the tap water coming in.

I'm making progress with the government to allow me to side stream my brewery effluent (NOT the sanitary waste water) into a separate holding tank. From there, the idea is to pump it through a 5 micron sand filter and then through an ultra filtration unit into another holding tank that then in turn feeds the RO, thus reducing my tap water intake.

The concentrate (reject water from the RO) I'm planning to sell to fracking companies as they are getting squeezed on the fresh water licenses here. Pennies on the dollar.

Here is the issue that I am trying to wrap my head around...

when I back flush the sand filter and the UF unit, I have concentrated solids, and thus a VERY high BOD. I can't just dump it into the sewer (high surcharges when caught), and up here we can use it as fertilizer for only 5 months of the year. Short of building a "tailings pond", does anyone have an idea what I could do with it? Cook it and feed it to cattle (lots of those guys around here...)?