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Thread: Combing two vent stacks into one before roof penetration

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    Combing two vent stacks into one before roof penetration

    Hi folks,

    As an aside to any possible local code restrictions, is it possible to have two vent stacks (coming from two separate midco burners mounted in two separate vessels: A HLT and a kettle) join up into one stack up in the roof space, so that the exterior roof only needs one penetration and vent point?

    My HLT was going to be electric to avoid a second roof penetration and burner purchase, but limitations on my electrical capacity might steer me back toward a direct fired HLT to free up a bunch of amperage. As few holes in the roof as possible would be ideal.

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    it is unlikely code would allow it especially if the venting contained combustion gases. The issue would be the possibility of combustion gases going up one pipe and back down the other and into the room.


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    Almost definitely no. Having had to deal with similar issues in a residential setting, wherever you have a forced air combustion system it needs its own dedicated exhaust. Even if your local code allowed it, it is a very bad idea as you have multiple failure modes where one burner could busily be pumping exhaust back into your brewery

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