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Thread: Pitching with hopped yeast

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    Pitching with hopped yeast

    So I have about 10gal of yeast that is from a pale ale that has been dry hopped, so naturally it has a lot of hops in it. I want to brew a IPA this weekend using this yeast. Will it be OK to pitch this yeast with all of those hops in there?

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    go for it.

    Hey Jay c. Go ahead and use the yeast. There are only a couple of considerations. First, the yeast will be diluted by the you'll need to pitch more if you normally pitch by weight or volume. Second, the hops will add character to the beer you are pitching the yeast in to. It's not the best situation, but much better than say using very old (long time in storage) yeast or early or late dropping yeast. If you do pitch it come back 24hrs later and drop out the cold break and the hops that have dropped. This will also help clean up the yeast for subsequent pitches.

    good luck.

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    Given the volume of dilution, it should be virtually indetectable but to the most accomplished of tasters.

    Worry about something else.



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