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Thread: Wanted: 1 or 2 bbl electric brewing system, fermenters, kegs

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    Wanted: 1 or 2 bbl electric brewing system, fermenters, kegs

    Opening a brewpub in Simpsonville SC and looking for small batch brewing system, conical fermenters​ and kegs. Perhaps you've outgrown your system and would like it to get a new home where it's appreciated and loved. Email me at


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    Hello! My name is Russ and I am the owner of Quiet Giant Brewing Co.. I have the exact size system you are currently looking for and I also build matching fermenters. If you would like to give me a call at 253-778-6714 I would be more than happy to chat with you or visit my website and click on the prices tab up in the top right corner on your desktop computer or the menu box in the top left corner of your smart phone.

    Feel free to call anytime if you would like to chat and I look forward to hearing from you if you're interested! Have a great day

    Quiet Giant Brewing Co.

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    bran new 2bbl stout brew house with fermenters

    Hello, I currently have a bran new never used, set up to use electric heating . stout brewing 2bbl 3 vessel brew house with 3 2bbl conical fermenters with internal chill pills, hot/grant . bought this to use as a pilot system and never went that way. I would like to sell this and get it out of my much needed space. Let me if you have any interest in this, I have pics. I paid about 10k for the system ,however I am ready to deal.

    Richard Ruggiero
    Baggy Wrinkle Brewing co.
    Rockland, Maine

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