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Thread: acid #5 for draft line cleaning

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    acid #5 for draft line cleaning

    I'd like to clean some draft lines with acid #5 to remove accumulated beerstone.

    Two questions:

    I left some acid #5 in a vehicle in freezing temperatures. I don't think it ever froze solid, but the color changed from purple to pink. Don't know if this was due to temperature or possible UV exposure. Is this acid still viable?

    Also, is there a certain pH that the mixture should be utilized at? I know that 5 star recommends a pH of 3 or less for effectiveness of Star San. Is this a good rule of thumb for other acid cleaners? I think the recommendation was 1 fl. oz. per gallon of water. If i knew a recommended pH mixture, however, I could make sure i get the appropriate mixture with my posibly tainted acid.


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    The ph of the straight stuff should be 1.2, and at 1 oz to one gallon it's 2.1 - that 's for an acid wash.

    I don't know about the color, but I bet you could give them a call about that.

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    Go right to the source and talk to Charlie at Five Star. Great guy, very helpful.

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