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Thread: any written plolicy w/distributors about freshness/rotation

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    any written plolicy w/distributors about freshness/rotation

    I was wondering if any other breweries have written policy with distributors regarding rotation of stock in on/off premise stores. We have been doing inspections of displays and even at our distributors warehouses and checking dates on cans and kegs. We have found some 8 month old stock on display on end caps and in other various area. I was curious how others have dealt with this and if it has been successful
    Mike Eme
    Cheboygan Brewery
    Cheboygan Michigan

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    Quality and Freshness

    Hi Beerguy,
    As the retail shelves become more crowded, freshness is becoming a bigger issue. Did you include freshness and quality language in your wholesaler agreement? If not, you can still supply the wholesaler with a freshness and product rotation policy. The bigger issue may be your supply chain process (sales projections, production planning, inventory on hand and sell-through). We can help you look at your supply chain process to ensure you are producing at a rate that matches demand. The best cure for freshness issues is either better production planning and inventory management, or even better, increased sales.

    Feel free to give me a call at 636-209-1807 or e-mail me at

    Gary Prindiville Jr.
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    You make the beer, we'll take care of the paperwork.

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    Product removal

    Where exactly did you find the old stuff on the end cap? Top of the stack so it's the next one out the door? (proper rotation) Or on the bottom... Rotation is only part of it. Removal is the key part. Gary is right, the rotation language should be in the agreement, but the distributors generally expect to rotate. The bigger issue is who pays to get it removed if it codes out. I just landed at a small southeastern brewery as sales mgr. They are in their 6th year and only do 5000-6000 barrels a year. Spread into 2 1/2 states. Several brewers later and much old or bad batch in the market. Brewing is straight now. I wonder how I'm going to fix the market issue to keep whatever chance of life is left. There's no budget for wiping the issues out. With 5400 breweries, most not knowing a thing about this game when they start, I have to think this is a rampant issue everywhere.

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