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Thread: Whirlpool and Trub

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    Whirlpool and Trub

    I have been having a horrible time getting a decent trub pile to form when brewing my more heavily hopped beers, and have been puting way too much wort down the drain.

    20bbl batches
    any where from 1.5 to 2.5 pounds of hops per barrel
    20 minute whirpool
    20 minute rest

    I am using KoppaKleer tablets. I started out using around 40 tablets per brew and have been expermenting with higher rates without positive resutls.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Red face

    Two things I'd try:

    1) check the pH of the wort. From what I've heard, wort pH and calcium levels will affect the formation of the trub pile.

    2) try a longer rest after whirlpool, and do the most gentle draw off you can.

    YMMV, and good luck
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    I would try a shorter w-pool time (maybe 5-10 minutes) and then a slightly longer rest (25-30 min). You shouldn't need too long to get the wort moving in the w-pool. My understanding from everything I've read is that only a short w-pool time is needed, although I'm sure someone else out there will enlighten me if I'm wrong .

    I'm a much smaller batch then you (7 bbl) but I do a 5 min w-pool and a 25 min. rest and I get a much better trub pile than the previous brewer (he did a 15 min w-pool and a 15 min rest).

    good luck!
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    Kugeman is right on the money. In a whirlpool long pumping times are not important, since the action of the pump prevents the seperation of the trub from the wort. It is more important to achieve a fast whirlpool as soon as possible and extend your rest time. This is a very common problem with highly hopped beers.


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    I whirlpool for about 1 minute on a 25hl brewhouse, rest for 10-20mins depending on amount of hops. You will always lose a little wort on the heavy hoped worts. But long pumping times can shred the break up so it doesnt hold together so well.

    I have a few recipes which call for up to 50 pounds of hops in the kettle. My kettle has a center drain for dumping the trub after knockout, I will do a whirlpool, do a quick trub dump, and another whirlpool. this helps get rid of alot of the trub.

    Im with you on the loss of wort. Im taking steps to make less trub with the use of hop extract for the bittering hops and I have a new hop back I can use for knockout hoping.

    When I have a colapsed trub pile and Im brewing back to back I transfer the trub into my next mash at least this way Im still getting the sugars back.

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    Sounds like you could use a taller trub dam.
    How tall is yours currently?compared to the size of your kettle?

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