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Thread: Partnering w/ a VC Firm - what's most important to new/young brewery owners?

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    Partnering w/ a VC Firm - what's most important to new/young brewery owners?

    Hey Guys,

    Wanted to hear opinions from owners and prospective owners on Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms. Couple questions:

    If a VC firm wanted to invest in your brewery, what are the most important things you'd want the VC to bring to the table (beyond capital)?

    Most VC firms look to invest in new companies and get out in 3-5 years. Would you prefer a short-term partner, or a partner without a specified duration?

    Does it matter to you who the investors are that back the VC? For instance, what if the funds for the VC originated from another craft brewery? What if the funds originated from a certain macro (that shall not be named)?

    In what capacity would you want the VC involved? Would you want managers overseeing day-to-day activities? Would you want a competant team of advisors to lean on as needed? Rely on them for networking? As little as possible - attend the monthly board meeting and disappear?

    What traits would characterize the ideal Venture Capital partner for your brewery?

    Appreciate any input. Thanks folks!

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    I am in the process of trying to find some private investors. I have found 2 but need 1-2 more. Things that would be awesome:
    1. VC willing to not see a profit/return in the 1st year to ensure recapitalization. If you can use profit from year 1 to grow, years 3-5 will mean a ton more profit for VC.
    2. VC that brings experience or connections with marketing to assist with marketing plans
    3. VC that would be willing to assist with the loan process if that is required

    To me, an investor that wants to be involved in day to day stuff is fine with me as long as the direction of the product development is kept in my purview. investor that thinks they know more about product quality would bother me.

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