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Thread: Home water filter and beer.....

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    Home water filter and beer.....

    Just throwing this out there as a "strange thing I've thought about" sort of topic....

    Anyone ever use one of those particulate filters for home/commercial water lines as an 'in-a-pinch' beer filter? I saw an industrial sized Culligan with 3/4" fittings at the hardware store yesterday while getting a new grain-out shovel and thought " could get some 3/4" male npt-to-tc fittings, and push a beer from fermenter to serving tank with gas and maybe get it pretty bright in a pinch..." Am I insane?
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    Inline home water filter

    What model is it? The Gold Series? I dont see why it wouldnt work, depending on how much beer you run through it, the pressure applied, and how much your yeast flocculates. I have used the smaller inline filters that MoreBeer sells to homebrewers. Ive used them with the 0.5 micron filter before when pilot brewing on my 1 HL system. But then of course I had a long secondary fermentation and the beer was basically clear already!
    My partner borrowed it once and filtered a quite hazy Maibock through it and it worked fine. The filter cartridges are expensive though I think....

    I bet all of us brewers are constantly thinking of new ways to make our jobs easier without taking the "Craft" out of the beer.......
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    Yeah, I thought about it, but I figured it'd blind up too fast...

    Cheers, Tim

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    A brewer at a Pub/BOP in my area uses one of those for his 3 barrel system, seems to work fine for him.


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    Timely Discussion

    I was contemplating the same thing here...on a small scale I just want to filter a few cornies of a Hefe to make them a little less Hefe.

    I have one of the morebeer filters

    and gave it a go yesterday on a couple kegs...and it raises some more fundamental questions about filtering that maybe you guys can help me with.

    On this particular batch of Hefe Weizen I fined part of it with isinglass (I have a dozen cornies with the dip tubes cut) and was able to get near bright beer, so I'm assuming a majority of the haze IS yeast...

    So I started by trying a 5 micron filter though this didn't improve on the clarity of the beer at all. I then tried the 1 micron filter and still NO improvement....then I gave up in the freezing wet cold...

    Should I need to have to go smaller than 1 micron for yeast??? I was pushing the beer thru the filter from keg to keg with about 5psi....which felt slow I need to go slower.

    Any thoughts appreciated....Happy Christmas as well everyone!

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    in my area...i am using aquasana water filter & purification syste,...i do not really careabout it as i have no problem...with it..


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    I am totally using two in series a 10 or a 5 micron and then a 1.
    Was using a pump ... now am able to transfer between kegs with co2.

    Polypro - from MSC catalog are about 1.50-3$ and I have done 6bbls on one set up.

    about a year ago, I had used .5mic before but I was worried of stripping dextrins.. our beer was very crappy and thin and had no aroma. But then I realized it was the (over) carbing process, and excessive venting of CO2

    I might go back.

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