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Thread: Sanitise loose leaf tea?

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    Sanitise loose leaf tea?

    Hello PB.
    Have pilot brewed with loose leaf as a 'dry hop' added at the end of fermentation prior to transfer a couple of times now.
    Both times I poured a little boiling water over it (approx 300ml / 80g) before adding directly to the fermenter.
    It didn't cause any problems at that point and the last pilot has been fine since packaging, approx 3 months now.
    Looking to produce a properly sized batch and wondering if I should do anything, the same again or something different this time around?
    If the brief scald in boiling water isn't required except for 'peace of mind' would be nice to drop as on this scale same ratio will be 40 litres.
    Anecdotally told by another brewer who uses tea routinely that it often appears to restart some fermentation so slightly concerned that for this brewer something else comes along with the tea?
    Any insight/opinion would be appreciated.

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    One of our packaged beers has copious amounts of loose tea, both in the kettle and in the fermentor once we reach terminal gravity and crash to 40F. I don't do anything to the tea, but I wear nitrile gloves and sanitize the nylon bags we put the tea in. Never had an issue with sanitation, and I haven't noticed refermentation, though sometimes some nucleation occurs, which is only a problem if the fermentor is really full. We can this beer, and bottle an imperial version, and months later, no infection or off flavors. Hope this helps.

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