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Thread: Head Brewer Looking For The Right Opportunity

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    Head Brewer Looking For The Right Opportunity

    Hello All,

    I'm a head brewer in Virginia with 5 years in the industry looking for the right opportunity to invest my knowledge, enthusiasm and work ethic. A big part of my focus as a head brewer has been keeping a diverse tap list featuring both traditional styles, style fusions and locally sourced ingredients. I pull a lot of inspiration both from history and current food and beverage trends. Involving myself and the brewery in the local community and charitable organizations is also a big priority for me, making the brand and the beers have a lasting impact for a bigger cause. Being as sustainable as possible is also important to me, which means reusing water where possible, harvesting and maintaining yeast strains, and finding creative ways to use or get rid of waste such as grain and trub.

    My experience in this industry has been defined by sink or swim moments, and my love for the craft has given me the drive to perform and overcome whatever obstacles present themselves. I bring with me solid SOPs and sanitary practice, plenty of ideas for recipe formulation, a strong work ethic, and a constant thirst for knowledge and research. During my tenure as both a head brewer and prior as a lead production brewer, I've been able to streamline production and make work days more efficient, cut costs while maintaining quality ingredients and flavor forward recipes, increase the production ceiling, train new employees, and create systems for data tracking production and packaging. I am comfortable with and enjoy being an ambassador for the brewery for events, I really enjoy doing collaborations with other breweries and love promoting the industry as a whole. As a head brewer I've recently started a sour program, planned and executed food pairings, am working with a local non-profit to promote community agriculture, and collaborated with the local home brew club to promote the craft as well as the industry.

    I am primarily looking for opportunities in Michigan or the North and Midwest, but am open the right opportunity within 30-45 minutes from any major city. I've had great training and growth opportunities with my prior employers, and have amassed a good network of colleagues with whom I communicate regularly, each of us providing new insight to solve problems or make procedural suggestions. For those of you who are interested in talking, feel free to send me a message or respond to this thread for a resume. I'm ready for the next step in my career, and I want to grow with a company who has a solid plan and vision for their future.

    Cheers all!

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    Can you email your resume to We are located in Central VA

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    Brewpub?production and packaging brewery in Appleton, Wisconsin

    Please email a resume and contact information. We have a great opportunity!

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    Crosstown Brewing Co. - Memphis, TN

    We are a startup 20bbl production brewery located in Memphis, TN. Brand new building with all the bells and whistles. Email your resume to

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    Hi all, can I email you :/
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    We are interested in learning more about your skill set, would it be possible to send resume over to

    Thanks Much!

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    We are a midlevel brewery expanding to a second location.

    Here is a link to our help wanted ad:

    If you'd like to start a conversation please sent over your resume.


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    2821 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55413

    Minneapolis Brewery

    Shoot me a message if you're interested. Insight Brewing is approaching 3 years old and are one of the fastest growing breweries in MN.

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    Can you send my your resume? We are located in Northern Michigan.

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    Please send me the resume. Thank you

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