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Thread: Where are all the Brewers?

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    Where are all the Brewers?

    I'm not sure if its my current location, (the great white north) but this is the first brewery where I have had trouble finding staff. Sure there's lots of wanna-be's but I'm not seeing resumes from experienced Brewers like I'm used to. (been brewing 20 years.)

    In my area the two production breweries in town are expanding and there's 3 new breweries opened in the last year with another one in planning. That's not even counting the outlying areas and the big city 2 hours away!

    So the question is: Is the industry turned to where there is more breweries than good Brewers? Are you experiencing the same problem? Training and advancing from within is ideal but sometimes you need a person that can jump right in.

    your thoughts?
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    Difficult for us to find staff but we are blessed that the brew crew is pretty secure. Our biggest problem is our town is only 3k or so and given the average age of brewers seems to be 21 to 30 they are young have some wild oats to sow and not much of a night life in this little town so I feel your pain BTW empty your inbox maybe thats why you havent got any
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