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    CIP Equipment

    What are the advantages of using a Clean-in-place System, manufactured by Jensen Fittings, pharmaceutical grade, 2-tank system, 316L stainless steel contact parts, or portable skid, supply pump rated for 20 GPM at 60 psi with cleaning temperatures between 59F to 86F. Complete with 60 gallon water/rinse tank, 55 gallon methanol tank rated for 50 psi @ 200F/-50F. Includes control panel, AMPCO 5 hp, 2" x 1.5" centrifugal supply pump, return pump, stainless hoses, fittings, valves, pressure gauges, etc.
    Lets say over just using cip cleaner in fermenters and etc with a pump?



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    CIP systems are designed to clean more effeciently and more intense than your regular brewery pumps. Good ones will have a return pump which has a powerful suction, as well as a powerful supply pump. this usually has a timing system which you can set the system to run for a certain period of time. the best cleaning is when the cleaning fluids are in flow, this means top to drain. you will see it pump into the tank for 10 seeconds and then pump it back to the CIP for ten seconds and alternate like so for the time you have selected.

    a 2 tank system allows you to have Alka cleaner and acid cleaner ready. as well as a hook up to your hot water source. some of them will have heating elements for reuse of the cleaning fluids.

    One clear advantage would be the ease of CIPing, as well as the intensity of the cleaning.

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    Well, you can reuse your solutions as long as feasible. Im not sure how you mean "with just a pump" but if you mean simply running in recirc and then dumping, an obvious savings with the CIP system is the ability to store and reuse the same solution (within limits) hence saving you chemicals.

    Like was mentioned, the cip system will most probably also be timed so you get a complete throughput. I use a local pump on one of my serving tanks (too far away for our CIP system) and the disadvantage is that I always have a pool of solution at the base of the tank. Im sure theres "crud" floating on top of this layer throughout. I counter this by increased cycles of rinse,drain,rinse,drain, etc.

    A CIP system may also have its suction above the floor of the CIP tank, hence allowing "crud" to settle out to the bottom and not getting constantly recycled...

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    What type of volumes would you need to be running to justify (dollar wise) the purchase of a CIP system?

    Are there smaller portable systems?

    I'm usually only using 20 liters worth of any CIP solution, but I know I could get more use out of my chems if I had the heating capability. The timing system and more powerful pumps would be a bonus, too.

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