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Thread: Dextrose-what's the limit?

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    Dextrose-what's the limit?

    Anyone know or have experience with what the max percentage of dextrose/corn sugar a recipe consisting of just 2-row base malt can have before running into fermentation problems and flavor issues? Trying to achieve a very fermentable wort with 2-row mashed at 147F for 90 mins (too long???) and add dextrose/corn sugar to the kettle to help get even higher attenuation...while wanting to still make it drinkable :-)

    The goal for all of this is to have a base wort to conduct various yeast strain attenuation trials in a highly fermentable wort.

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    You shouldn't have to mash for 90 minutes or add corn sugar to get a highly fermentable wort. Mash at 148, 60 minutes should be fine, 2 row pale converts almost instantly, it has that much diastatic power. Also, I wouldnt use corn sugar unless the ultimate beer product will also be using it. If you want to test total attenuative potential, pure corn sugar will work, a blend will potentially yield a higher attenuation if the mash was not run well. For the purposes of comparing how well a yeast would attenuate on an all malt wort, I wouldn't spike it with corn sugar. It will skew your results.

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    Not totally sure about dextrose, but I have brewed with 30% extract in the form of very high maltose syrups or high glucose syrups.

    I know some of the big brands of beers in India use sucrose rather than other sugars as they have massive sugar can plantations, but I seem to remember they only use up to 10% by extract as sucrose, but considerably more other adjuncts such as rice or maize.

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    If memory serves me right you don't want more than 50% non-grain sugars in your recipe. That's when you start running into off flavors. The only exception I can think of is honey, but after 50% you're making a braggot.

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