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Thread: Forbidden fruit yeast wyeast 3463

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    Forbidden fruit yeast wyeast 3463

    We are brewing a Golden Strong Ale with this forbidden fruit yeast.

    Has anyone used this strain?

    What fermentation temperatures give the best results?
    We are looking for fruitiness with subtle phenolics

    What are your fermentation notes on aroma and flavors?

    What temp. do you ferment at?
    Wyeast states that the temp. ranges from 63*F to 76*F. I think this range is too cold for this strain.

    Have you had any attenuation issues with this strain?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

    Montana Brewing Co

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    hey ,

    used that yeast a few times, we fermented in the higher temp range (high 70s) noticed some banana, and cloves first off at about 3 days into ferment, very similar to a german wheat beer yeast. My belgian turned out awsome, highly recomended for those true to style belgian brews.......

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    Fermentation temperature

    We user the strain recently for a golden ale.
    Fermented at 76F and had a good fermentation with some fruitiness. Phenols could not be detected but raising your mash out temperature will produce this flavor.

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