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Thread: Keg storage inside of walk-in?

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    Keg storage inside of walk-in?

    We have a sizable (400sqft) walk in that is 12ft high. We do the vast majority of our own distro, so drivers pick their kegs into a truck before leaving on their route. At the moment, we are using hard-sided plastic pallets that hold about 20 kegs. We have two main issues.

    - FIFO rotation (new kegs often being mixed with old or shuffled to the back)
    - Lack of vertical storage room past a two-high stack. We have no shelves at the moment.

    Does anyone know of a system that operates similarly to a soda can rack for kegs? Additionally, does anyone have a shelving system they really like? We do have a small forklift.

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    Pallet Racking

    These work really well for stacking pallets. If you've already got a forklift then you'd be good to go!

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    We stack pallets of kegs up to 4 high in our cold room, which is 12' at the ceiling. As far as FIFO, put that on your drivers, it is their job to make sure they pick the oldest first. You also have to manage your cold room so that you keep the oldest as the easiest access. Put the youngest beer on the bottom, oldest on top, so that they pick from the top down. Our cold room is the same size as yours, every time we put a fresh batch in, we rearrange things as needed to make sure the older batch goes out first.

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