We are opening a 10bbl capable (brewing starting around 4bbl to get the feel of equip) microbrewery with a taproom in Amity, Arkansas. We have our kettle, mash tun, brite tanks, fermenters, hose, and a few other pieces but need the items listed below, hoping to find some used equipment at an affordable price to get us going. We are funding this out of our own pockets and at this point its getting tight, so used or cheap (even ugly but efficient) is what we need.

Thanks in advance!

TC fittings all 1.5":
Hose Barbs
End caps
Long Carb stones
Butterfly Valves
Pressure Gauge for brites
Spray Ball

CO2 Manifold

Draft Equip for stub through from cooler
Glass rinser and long drip tray

Heat Exchanger

Centrifugal Pump

Plate filter

Sanke Kegs 1/2, 1/4, 1/6 bbl for a killer price with shipping or within our region for pick up (300-400 mi)

Manual Keg Filler

mid to large scale for grain

Misc Taproom items
POS w/cc reader and cash register

Appreciate the help, any insight is welcome!

Please no wholesale company contact, looking for affordable used items only.