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Thread: 05 pitch rate for 7 barrels

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    05 pitch rate for 7 barrels

    First of all let me tell you guys I really enjoy Pro Brewer, this is my first post. After several years as a home brewer and almost 32 years as a career firefighter/EMT I'm now the head brewer at a soon to open brewery in West Point Ga, Chattabrewchee Southern Brewhouse. We'll be using US-05 as our house yeast, what's the recommended pitch rate for 7 barrels? Most of our beers will have a og of 11 to 18 Plato
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    05 pitch rate

    05 is a versatile yeast. I've been using it for many years. The quality is consistent. Here is a link to their page, gives you a range for pitch rate. In my experience 1 brick will work fine for your application. You can repitch for many generations without a noticeable drift also.
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