We are entering one of our beers in the Coffee Beer category at GABF this year. We are packaged that beer in bottles last month and are packaging it in NITRO cans today. So I have options on the format to enter. Obviously I should enter the example that best fits the category. And I know that the nitro effect will really add to the creaminess of this beer in a positive way...IF it is served correctly. I am wondering if anyone out there can speak to how nitro beers do in GABF competition vs standard CO2 beers? If I provide proper instructions for serving the nitro beer but the samples take a few minutes to get to the judges, the beer could be pretty flat/lackluster. Having never judged at GABF, I am not sure how much care would be taken to get the samples to the judges quickly, given the nitro-style pour. Any input here would be appreciated.