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Thread: Flooring RESURFACING and Crack Filling

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    Flooring RESURFACING and Crack Filling

    We have cracks in our concrete floor and they need to be sealed. Which products have you tried and how are the results?

    We also need to resurface the concrete. I think the last coat was paint (?) and previous coats were epoxy. Which product have you tried and how are the results? We will be drying the floor over a weekend and resurfacing the following week. That is about as long as we can go before we need to get back to brewing.

    Is there a magical product that can handle this time frame and conditions?

    What color would you paint your brewery floor? Currently, burnt orange/red!

    Montana Brewing Co.

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    Timely, indeed, Travis. I just finished pulling up the old vinyl tiles in the building I'm going to be turning into a brewery and have cracks in the concrete too, so I'm interested in the responses. I was thinking of an epoxy finish and just sealing the cracks somehow but if I can add on an additional question: In my case should I do anything with the old glue resin on the floor from the vinyl tiles? I'm just thinking of doing something like sanding the floor to make it smooth and putting an epoxy coat over top without worrying too much about the old glue.


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    prior thread

    I have read previous post. Not very helpful for our situation. I am RESURFACING with only two days of floor drying. This is not a startup. Anyone else have a real life experience that can help direct us in a solution

    Montana Brewing Co

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    Epoflex SL

    I've used this several times and seems to work very well. After the crack repairs were made I coated with two coats of two part epoxy. Good luck.
    Cheers & I'm out!
    David R. Pierce
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    Bomb Bomb

    Take a look into Stonehard. It is expensive, but it is bomb proof. It will dry quickly and has been used on many of the worlds leading brewery floors. They can adjust cracking and sloping during a resurface of existing floors.

    - Todd

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