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Thread: canning scale

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    canning scale

    At the risk of sounding really dumb, does anyone have a recommendation for a scale for canning day? We've bought a half dozen now that all claim to be waterproof but end up quitting after 20 minutes until it dries out. We've tried putting the scale in a plastic bag, etc. It seems like there must be a simple waterproof scale out there.

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    We use the Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale, available from Amazon or other retailers. It's not totally waterproof, but it's worked well for us. Just try not to get too much water on it, and you should be ok. Ours does crap out every few months, but they're cheap, and I always keep a backup. You could probably find a waterproof one, but I imagine they're pretty expensive.

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    A Filtec works way better and has a half life of 40 years

    It rarely needs attention, shows up every day for work, and checks every. single. can.

    In all seriousness, they are very much worth the investment. Even if you have to lease it, for all the reasons stated above. It's like a really good employee and it gives the operator the opportunity to address the problem rather than weighing cans and contributing to the problem. Unless the problem is warm beer

    The math can work...

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    Or just don't use a scale....

    I've seen small canning lines effectively use a rinse tank where the cans float to show contents. Sinkers are overfills, extreme floaters are underfills. Cheap and easy while also performing a rinse function.
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    Normally if a can line runs fine you only should weigh the cans at start up, and every 30 minutes.
    What type of canning line are you using?

    I've seen a lot of breweries who are using the Ohaus NV4000. A very solid and fast scale.



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    We use a wash down safe model we found on eBay when we were first starting out that has worked great for us. Super fast, accurate, and much less expensive than most. We buy them in bulk now to send with our mobile lines. We'd be happy to sell you one if you're in need as we always keep a few extras around, just in case.
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