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Thread: Clarifying fruit beer

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    Clarifying fruit beer

    Hi all,

    We make a simple raspberry wheat beer (1.040 OG, 5 IBU, 10 lb/bbl raspberry puree) and offer it on draught only. We add aseptic raspberry puree to crashed beer, let it sit for 24-48 hours to settle, then send it very slowly through our centrifuge. Result is a pleasantly hazy, slighty tart, very fresh-tasting light fruit beer.

    We'd like to start bottling it and have been running shelf stability tests to see how it holds up.

    16 weeks of warm storage yields a totally acceptable beer. Not over-carbed from refermentation, not oxidized. So what's the problem? The slight haze that the centrifuge doesn't pull out settles out into a somewhat viscous bit of sediment. The beer itself is bright and beautiful like it never is in the keg, but the chunder at the bottom of the bottle completely ruins it.

    We've tried to filter with our Pall Supradisc (K700 and K300) but the filter media strips all the raspberry color and aroma. Does anybody have any suggestions for
    a) clarifying on the way to the brite
    b) stabilizing the haze so it doesn't precipitate out into a gross booger?

    Considered pectinase, but I'm generally proud of not adding exogenous enzymes. Is that my only option?

    Mike Elliott
    Head Brewer
    Philipsburg Brewing Co.

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    You need to add pectinase at fermentation.
    Todd G Hicks
    BeerDenizen Brewing Services
    Serda Brewing Company
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