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Thread: Robix mill specs

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    Robix mill specs

    Does anyone know the specifications/model number for the mill pictured below? Name:  CD1E1E3F-0F1A-4923-8AE5-3A63780A310A.jpg
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    Dustin Baker

    Roadmap Brewing Co.
    San Antonio, TX

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    I am not sure that what I have to offer is helpful or not. But I do have a Robix mill that came with my Premier system that looks quite similar. It is the Robix 600 (3000lbs/hr). I would be happy to send you the cut sheet specs that Premier provided me. They cover the 250, the 600, and the 1100. I am guessing yours is one of those, based on the picture. The sheet has dimensions and you could probably figure out which one. Again, not sure if that would be helpful or not. Give me your email address or send me an email to dave at threeforksnc dot com and I will forward what I've got.

    Dave Cowie
    Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company
    Nevada City, CA

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