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Thread: Anyone have experience with Container Logic?

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    Anyone have experience with Container Logic?

    Hey All,

    I am involved in a cider making startup, and we are trying to get some equipment logistics figured out. We do not have a ton of capital so we were thinking about a lease to own option for our FV's. Has anyone had any experience with Container Logic, or know any more about them? Their website is a little vague.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I too am interested to see if anyone has experience with this company and their tanks. *Bump*

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    For your information

    We have successfully used “Globe Express Services" to bring brewing equipment in container to our customers in the past. Their offices are in Charlotte NC but they file transactions all over the country. Talk to Jamey and he will give you a quote, His phone number is 1-800-874-8827 (mention Carolina Micro Brewing for a better price, hope it's helpful information to you.
    Carolina Micro Brewing Technology

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