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Thread: glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) trench drains?

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    glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) trench drains?

    Looking for opinions on trench drains made from "glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) pressed from sheet molding compound (SMC), which is a composite of polyester resin, mineral fillers and glass-fiber mats". Specifically, I have been directed toward a product MEA-JOSAM, 4" Pro-Plus 100 (CPS100). I've also been told that the Glass Filled Nylon slotted grate will handle a pallet jack no worres.

    I've heard opinions on both vinylester concrete, and HDPE. The former being excellent, but very pricey, with great chemical resistance, but a max temp rating of 180 degrees. HDPE should generally be steered clear off in a brewery I'm told.

    Any thoughts appreciated.


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    I would be very concerned with the longevity of the plastic grating. The manufacturer of these grates says they will work but I have been in hundreds of breweries where they were told this and had broken grating everywhere. You need to look at the load rating on the grates and then compare to your actual loads. Remember that carts with hard tires have lots of weight on a very small point causing a severe load. Hand carts with hard tires are often more damaging to trench drain grating than vehicular traffic with air filled tires. You will be better off going ahead and spending the money on an iron or stainless steel grate up front (at least in the isles).

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