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Thread: Protect floor and pitch

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    Protect floor and pitch

    OK here's the deal. Our brewery is located in a historic building so we have to take certain measures to protect parts of it. We are adding tanks to a new area of the building that has the original 100 year old tile floor. We got permission to rip up some of the tile to install a trench drain but we have to protect the rest of it from both the weight of the tanks cracking the tile and chemicals. We also would like to have the floor be pitched slightly towards the drain in the center.

    I am going to describe the product I have seen before in use but can't find it online. It's a type of rubber like material that is chemical resistant that would be placed on the floor before the tanks are installed. I believe it would have to be premade and come in pieces that would be laid out. Flat under the tanks with some tickness, then slowly tapers toward the drain after it leaves the tanks.

    Does anyone know what I am talking about or does anyone have any other solutions that might work?


    Victor Gabriel
    Accomplice Beer Company

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    How about using chemical resistant epoxy?

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    I would use urethane! Feel free to call me and I’ll walk you through it and what we have achieved
    Chris Klein
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