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Thread: Using Nitro

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    Using Nitro

    Hey guys
    I have a small brewery and I do both bottles and draught, and I am interested in offering and/or switching to nitro for both. I have never used the gas and was wondering if anyone had some tips on the process, bottle and draught, if the are similarities to co2 in terms of using it, different equipment???? In general just looking for some info on how to go about it.
    Thanks to those that can help.


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    Hey Sean,
    Hope things are doing well down in Danvers, I hope to get down there to check out your operation sometime soon. As far as using nitrogen, I guess there are a few questions that need to be asked. Are you looking to use nitrogen as a mixed gas with CO2 to aid in bottling and/or kegging transfers? This is a good option, as it will reduce your cost as it's a bit cheaper to use Nitrogen in a blend than straight CO2.The most common blend used for pushing beer in bars for instance is 60/40 CO2 to Nitrogen. This would work well on your bottle fillers which I assume are probbaly either 1 or 3 headed. Also would be good for pressurizing kegs prior to filling. If you're thinking about using nitrogren as a method of "nitrogenating" your beer, as in to put the bubbles in it, then I would advise against it for most beers because it won't stay in solution for your bottling and will really only work well for beers that are also poured from the keg with a stout faucet( like Guiness) and pushed with a blended gas usually either 70/30 or 75/25 nitrogen to CO2. If the latter is what you aim for, you might want to look into a blender like McDantimn(spelling) and it might be an option depending on how much nitrogren you use in the brewery for a nitrogen genrator, which will save you money,plus you'll never have to order the gas itself. Anyway if you have any questions feel free to contact me and goodluck.
    Mike Roy
    Franklins Restaurant, Brewery & General Store
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