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Thread: Never Used Scott 16" Lenticular Filter Housing

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    Never Used Scott 16" Lenticular Filter Housing

    For Sale: Scott 4 high 16” Lenticular Filter Housing for sale. We purchased this as a polish filter last year to go in-line, post centrifuge, if we felt that it was needed. We just have not found it necessary, therefore we are selling it. The unit has never been used. We have the original shipping crate that it will ship in. Also comes with four filters.

    • Material in 316L stainless steel, sanitary construction with electro polish
    • Equipped with sanitary pressure gauges, two butterfly valves and fittings
    • Vent valve and drain included with the housing
    • Filtration without product losses due to an enclosed design
    • Filter requires less space than a standard plate filter due to its vertical design
    • Simple to load and break down – no need for wetting and retightening

    Purchase price for the unit, 2 16” backflush Plates, 3 16” intermediate backflush plates, and Mic center post 2-High was $6000

    Invoice available
    Unit has never been used
    Throwing in 4 Pall Supradisc SD II 300 filters (un-used)

    Asking $5900 OBO


    User manual:


    View photos:

    Jeff Jensen

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    Scott 16" Filter

    Is this filter still available for sale?

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