Castle Danger Brewery is a growing Minnesota brewery located 20 minutes north of Duluth. We are adding a Cellar position to the production team. The Cellar Person assists brewers with various duties, cleaning, and overall cellar operations. Specific duties include but are not limited to: performing daily fermentation ph/gravity checks, managing fermentations and yeast health, CIP and sanitizing fermenters and brite tanks, aiding brewers in tank preparation and yeast pitching, transferring beer via a GEA Westphalia centrifuge, receiving and storing raw materials/supplies, aiding in batch setup and grain milling, and keeping extensive records.

High school diploma or equivalent, minimum of 21 years of age, strong communication skills, positive attitude, creativity and adaptability. Must be able to adhere to established procedures. Must be able to lift 170 lbs multiple times per work shift.
Position requires frequent crouching, moving heavy hoses, work in hot, cold, and humid environments. This job requires the flexibility to work a variety of hours including overnight. We are looking for a self-motivated individual who will do what needs to be done. A brief training period will be given to instruct on standard operating procedures.

To apply, please visit the Jobs page of the Castle Danger Brewery website to complete the application.