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Thread: Bohemian MonoBlock Steam Pressure

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    Question Bohemian MonoBlock Steam Pressure

    For those that have worked on The Bohemian Monoblock systems, or currently brew on one, has anyone ever increased the steam pressure above 15psi, which is the max our boiler (Ajax) is rated for, However, we would like to purchase a new higher pressure model. Will the design of the jackets handle this pressure increase up to 20psi. If anyone has retrofitted their system with a higher pressure boiler and have increased their steam pressure I want to hear from you.
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    Before doing so consider most states require boiler inspections periodically and most inspectors will not pass you on pressures above 15 psi unless they can physically see the asme stamp on the jackets rating it at higher pressures... sucks but thats the way they do

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    Boehmian Monobloc and Boilers

    Very good points made by NESTAFL. In most states, boilers above 15 PSI are classified as high pressure and have a much more complicated regulatory system. I can't imagine the state boiler inspector or insurance company going along with a higher pressure unless the equipment is specifically rated for it. We have a Monobloc II along with the oem spec Ajax 700k btu low pressure steam boiler, which we operate at 14 PSI. I am not sure as to why you would want more pressure as the system operates quite effectively with a boiler of that size.

    If you want a higher pressure boiler for other applications in the brewery, there may be some type of pressure reducer available to drop the steam pressure going to the brewhouse back down to 15 PSI. Although, I must say I am not sure what effect that may have on condensate and its related components: steam traps and condensate return system. I would think that your boiler installer could address that issue.

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    I would suggest you talk with Lewis Harsanyi at Bavarian Brew Tech. He may have more insight on the effects of increasing the steam psi on a Bohemian system.

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