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Thread: Need Waterproof, Comfortable Hiker Style Boot

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    Need Waterproof, Comfortable Hiker Style Boot

    Having major issues with foot pain. I currently wear Keen boots, Braddock Lows I think, but need something that is more waterproof.
    Any try out the waterproof line of Keens, Merrells, etc?
    Will they handle alot of water day in and day out?
    Tried rubber with good insoles and still won't help. More interested in a work/hiker style, avoiding Bog or Muck style.

    Any input?

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    I wear my Asolo hiking boots in the brewery--but I'm not shoveling out the lauter tun or wading in spent yeast. They're leather outers, but Gore-tex lined, and quite waterproof. Very comfortable--I hike many miles a day on the concrete floors with no foot pain.
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.

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