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Thread: Huppmann 100 BBL All S/S (5) Vessel Complete Brew House

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    Huppmann 100 BBL All S/S (5) Vessel Complete Brew House

    Huppmann 100 BBL all S/S (5) Vessel Complete Brew house. Meticulously maintained complete with Braumat Controls with PC HMI Interface, Jacketed Mash Tun, 145 psi @ 365 deg Jacket, Serial #010-1405, (2) Fristam Centrifugal pumps, Temp Probe, level sensors, etc, with 5 hp bottom drive (Approx 8 ft dia), Whirlpool small hp bottom drive with (2) Fristam Centrifugal pumps, Temp Probes, pneumatic valves, (Approx 11.5 ft dia), Wort Kettle with Fristam Pump (Approx 10.5 ft dia), Wort Prerun Tun with Fristam Pump (Approx 8 ft dia) and Lauter Tun with floor mounted 10 hp cut it in gate agitator, 3 hp brake, hydraulic lift system, auto spent grain discharge system and Fristam Centrifugal pump (Approx 14 ft dia) Also included is a Triple S/S Pressure Filters mounted on common skid all prints manuals software and controls also included with Heat Exchangers and much much more.

    Please Contact Howard Newman (773) 548-4131 for additional information.

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    This item is part of the Assets Formerly of Redhook Brewery (a Craft Brew Alliance Brand) 100 Barrel Brewery Auction - Lots begin closing 3/14
    For more information, visit:

    Auction brought to you by Loeb Winternitz Industrial Auctioneers.
    For more information, contact Loeb Winternitz Industrial Auctioneers:
    (773) 548-4131 // (800) 560-LOEB (5632)

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