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Thread: Pre-pack suppliers?

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    Pre-pack suppliers?

    Hello all, can someone point me to a company(s) specializing in pre-pack sales of bottles/carriers/case boxes? Do companies providing this service work with other companies for the graphics and printing or is that usually something they do in-house? And finally, are pre-pack co's having the unfortunate glass shortage bulk bottler suppliers are experiencing?


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    Owens Brockway is the only North American company that can do complete pre-pack, case, six-pack, and glass, that I am aware of. We use a broker, William R. Hill and Co out of Richmond, VA. But depending on your location you may need someone closer to you. O-B supplies carton, once graphics are submitted etc., you supply six packs to the glass factory, they run your brands when they can. And yes, they are having the same trouble as bulk suppliers are having. Maybe even more trouble. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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