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Thread: POLL: Taproom only revenue projections

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    POLL: Taproom only revenue projections

    As I am planning for a new brewery and taproom, I am trying to understand what is a reasonable for Year1 sales through a taproom:

    In this hypothetical scenario, let's assume the following:

    1. The beer is average to above average in quality/taste/pricepoint
    2. Taproom located in Minneapolis, MN
    3. Taproom seating for 50-100 people
    4. 10 bbl brewhouse
    5. 8 beers on tap at any given time, a variety of styles. Primarily selling pints, but crowlers to go as well.

    I know there are a million other variables, but just trying to get a ballpark feel for how many barrels could reasonably be sold through this taproom in Year1?

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    Most all of us won't be familiar with Mn, but... Would be good to know how many other breweries in the city and what's your theme and story. Why do you matter in a country with 6000 breweries.
    But I voted 300. If I felt more cozy after knowing more, maybe 500. If you said next to where the Twins play, double it. Twice.

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    50-100 is a huge range

    most projections before opening are calculate on BBL/seat sold per year. So if you have 100 seats and do 3 BBL/seat, you would have 300 BBLs in the taproom.

    every area has a different demand. Stone in San Diego does 11 BBL/seat. Good local brewery can do 7 or so.

    I would ask the other breweries in the are what they saw their first year and take 80% of that as your projection to be conservative.

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    Some states (such as Pennsylvania) require breweries to report the volume they produce every year and post that information on a publicly available state website. Worth a look for MN.



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