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Thread: Part organisation and drying

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    Part organisation and drying

    Hi everyone,

    Juste wondering to know how you guys are putting all you part together and let them drying. I am talking about the Elbow, tee, gasket valve and everything.

    We would like to make an upgrade on our set-up and a picture of your set-up could be very helpful for us.

    thanks a lot
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    At my last gig, we had a stainless steel pegboard over the sink – looked kinda like this, only with gaskets, clamps, valves, etc. instead of surgical equipment. If you've got the wall space for it, and you find yourself putting a lot of hardware together, it's really nice, you can see all your hardware at once, and you can hang things up straight from the sani bath, anything that won't eat your stainless hardware won't eat the board, either.

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    Check out the pegboards and accessories from We installed several different sizes of their backets and racks to hold gaskets, tools, and miscellaneous stainless fittings. They hold a lot of weight, and haven't fallen off the wall in about two years. We store about 15 1.5" butterfly valves in their big basket. I'm very impressed by them, and they're fairly cheap.

    After we finished build out of our new facility, we had a bunch of unistrut laying around. We cut off two 4 ft. sections, and hang all of our clamps on them over our three compartment sink. It's super cheap, and perfectly sized to hold all of our clamps, from 1.5" to 3".

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    After our parts have been cleaned, they live in a grant full of dilute PAA. In the grant, we have baskets and other organizers for the various parts. When we need a part, it's sanitary and ready to go.
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