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Thread: Review of 10bbl Bru Gear brew house

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    Review of 10bbl Bru Gear brew house

    About a week ago Bru Gear announced that they are no longer selling equipment for homebrewing, and are instead focusing on commercial breweries. The probrewer discussion board has been a wealth of information for us, the community has been very giving with their knowledge. When we ordered our equipment there had only been inquiries posted about Bru Gear, and no reviews or updates. If this posting helps only one other company avoid the incredibly stressful situation we have experienced with Bru Gear, then we felt it is worth posting here.

    We purchased a 10bbl brew house with 5 fermenters, grain mill, and keg washer from Bru Gear. We gave them a 70% deposit back in April 2017 and were told it would arrive in about 5 months in August. At the end of January 2018, or 10 months after we ordered the equipment, we finally received a portion of the shipment, and every piece on the brew house was either missing vital pieces and/or not what was ordered. In February 2018, we received the burners, keg washer, and pumps and again each piece of equipment had issues. We still have not received the grain mill and auger, or any of the missing parts from the first shipment.

    They have never returned a phone call and largely ignore our emails. We have had to get the Arizona Attorney General, and our own Attorney and Banker involved. Working with Bru Gear has been a disaster and has held up our brewery opening by more than 6 months. We could not recommend doing business with them! If anyone has questions about the Bru Gear’s equipment or customer service, please don’t hesitate to private message me.

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    Wow, glad I didn't go this route.

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