Bad Weather Brewing
Packaging Lead

To Apply for this position please email a resume to

The Packaging Lead is responsible for the day-to-day tasks involved in packaging high quality beer up to the standards set forth by Bad Weather Brewing Company.

• Adhere to all SOP guidelines written by Bad Weather Brewing Company.
• Adhere to all safety guidelines under OSHA regulations, SDS sheets, and Bad Weather Brewing Company
• Operate and maintain a Wild Goose 250 canning line including setup, filling, teardown/cleaning
• Operate and maintain a IDD Squire Plus 2 Keg machine including setup, keg filling, and teardown/cleaning
• Operate and maintain a HDP bottle/growler filling machine including setup, filling, and teardown/cleaning
• Wash dirty growlers
• Maintain cooler organization and inventory of kegs and growlers
• Maintain a very sanitary and clean work environment throughout the brewery
• Assist with maintenance and cleaning around the brewery including cleaning floors, tank exteriors, and mill room
• Prepare shipments, load and unload deliveries
• Assist with brewers on CIP of Brite tanks and fermentation vessels

• Ability to work safely and unsupervised around hazardous chemicals, hot water, pumps, steam, and pressurized vessels
• Ability to work in confined spaces and understand the Lockout/Tagout rule
• Ability to duck, crawl, kneel, and maneuver around pumps, hoses, fittings, and any other trip hazards
• Ability to work on wet floors and with wet equipment
• Ability to lift at least 55lbs and move up to 165lbs on the ground
• Ability to safely handle and use chemicals

• Extremely strong work ethic
• A passion for high quality craft beer
• Ability to maintain a positive working environment
• Ability to communicate and problem solve on the spot
• Experience with Ekos Brewmaster computer software recommended but not required
• Experience operating a forklift is recommended but not required, we will train and certify
• 1-2 years of experience working at a production brewery required
• 1-2 years of experience operating packaging equipment preferred but not required
• Formal education of the brewing process and applied sciences is required