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Thread: Where to start as a brewer at a purchased Brewpub

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    Where to start as a brewer at a purchased Brewpub

    This might seem like a pretty basic question, but I'm a little new to this. As the title says, we have obtained a brewpub that has all of the equipment and was licensed before. It is a 7bbl system, and we are planning to only sell on site. Now that a new company came in and the name will be changing, do I just start with the Brewer's Notice? What else do I need to look into? Also, would using a cloud-based spreadsheet work for keeping track of what was brewed, how much was sold, and dumped? We have the state license already to sell alcohol, I just don't want to miss anything before brewing after getting Brewer's Notice permission to operate... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you ever have any questions about brewery operations get in contact with me! You have my contact info!

    If you are interested id be happy to give you a tour of our records keeping, all of which is done in google drive on google sheets. One of our brewers was shrewd enough to come with Brew Logs that track all sorts of data that we are now feeding into metadata analysis to analyze trends in our brewhouse and see where we can really make efficiencies happen!

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