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Thread: Question about startup books

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    Question about startup books


    I have the new book, "starting your own brewery" from the BA.

    How does this compare to the 2nd Edition of the Brewery Planner? for those of you that have bought it.

    Is there any extra pertinant info in the '2nd..." that I should spend $65-$80 on it? I want to get as knowledgeable about this business as I can, because when prospective investors come with questions they will be more apt to give me money if I have all the answers and appear to know what I am talking about! haha

    Thanks guys


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    I have both issues and think that the newer has a lot of important updated information, and is a lot beeter than the old. with that being said both issues really dont dive into the meat of what it takes to open a brewpub. Really they are just a guidline and some great suggestions from people who have made it in the biz.

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    Good books

    I would have to second nick79brews sentiments about the two books. As far as investors go, it really helps to have some kind of industry experience, like a previous brewing job, brewery managment job and so on something tangible on your resume. My favorite response from a potential source of financing for our start-up project was "These guys don't have much more than a dream".

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeV
    "These guys don't have much more than a dream".
    well that is what makes this country great! Dreams have built an awful lot!

    I realize that experience is a huge plus but I also believe that desire trumps all.

    As a chef, gimme a cook with great passion over experience any day. You don't have to fix bad habit in passion!

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