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Thread: Stack/Vent Material Supplier

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    Stack/Vent Material Supplier

    We have a 7 BBL direct fire brewhouse which we bought from Alpha Brewing Ops are figuring out the best place to find venting materials for both our firebox flue and kettle stack. As well as any other advice on the setup - seems straight forward going straight through our 14 ft flat roof but as we all know, nothing in opening a brewery is every straight forward.

    Any direction is much appreciated, unfortunately everyone (architect/MEP/Alpha/etc) have been pretty useless in this area.
    Dustin Baker

    Roadmap Brewing Co.
    San Antonio, TX

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    We just finished installing a direct-fire 7-BBL system and got my venting system from Ward Burner Systems. Great service and support. Their contact info is as follows:

    Ward Burner Systems
    PO Box 1086
    Dandridge, TN
    865.397.2914 phone
    865.397.1253 fax

    Good Luck,

    Earl Stephens
    Dueling Dogs Brewing Company

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    We used stainless chimney liner for our kettle stack. Depending on your kettle design and its efficiency, you may be able to get away with using B-vent, available from a plumbing or hvac supply. If your kettle has high stack temperatures, not very efficient, then you will need to go with single wall steel or stainless, and have a thimble every time is passes through a wall or roof, also has to be protected from flamable materials for a larger distance. Definitely want to consult a plumbing/mechanical contractor in the area to make sure you do this right. Go to a place that sells fireplaces, they will have the chimney liner, caps and storm covers you need.

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    We used double wall B-vent for our 7bbl Direct fire Kettle. It lasted about 6 months until the inner wall started flaking apart. It wasn't so much the stck temp as it was the sugar and especially the chemicals from CIP. As well it didn't fit real tight in the stack and the joints are not vapor tight. We would get a ton of condensation leaking down the pipe all over the top of the kettle. Do it right the first time. Single wall stainless with a continuous welded piece all the way up and out. Its not cheap, but its cheaper then doing it twice. Wish I would have known. As far as the burner vent, Double wall B-vent is fine there. No issues after 4 yrs.
    _ Cheers

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