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Thread: Mash Tun Underletting And Temperature Issues

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    Mash Tun Underletting And Temperature Issues

    Hi Guys,
    I have a 200L mash tun that I just started using which I will to between 50 & 60kg of grain. When using a mash temp of 66 degC my calculations call for around 76degC as a water supply temp to achieve the desired mash temp.
    Previously I would pre heat the water in the MT then dump the grain in but want to try underletting as I believe it will help reduce dough balls.
    When I tried underletting on the weekend the temp at the bottom of the mash tun was showing 75degC for quite a while as it takes me 10-15 minutes to fill the MT with mash water. Eventually when all the liquor is in the MT the temp stabilises on the 66deg mash temp but im worried that the high initial temps are having undesired effects as it's close to my mash out temp for that initial period.

    Anyone have thoughts on this? Is it normal?

    My initial thoughts are to put a bigger pump in to fill the MT quicker and limit the time the bottom of the mash is at these high temps.

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    I think you are over-complicating this. Just stir properly as you grain in and you wont have an issue with dough balls. I used to do this with a manual 3.5BBL (410 Liter) and twice the grain with no issues. Mash thinner if needed. Your enzyme activity will not be effected enough to cause issue. You will mash in faster by not underletting. Get a proper mash paddle (or make one). It will help you avoid dough balls. No way underletting is going to help more than proper stirring. I always added specialty grains in the middle.

    Just my $0.02!

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    Agree with the previous. Plenty of people mash in 15 - 20 hl brewlengths say 300 to 400 kg without any problem. Make sure the water is consistent temperature before adding the malt. Try a stainless steel garden fork (clean of course!!) they work really well for mixing.

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