Turnkey operational brewsystem 7bbl brwhse;15&30 ferms/brites;Almost all US made

Get up and running ASAP, with a proven, fully functional system that's all in place and working in San Ramon, California. This is a great system, we're just moving production overseas, and it's too expensive to take it with us.

Most components are American designed and made. We'd love to sell this in one shot, however piece-by-piece offers may be entertained for peripherals and fermenters.

7 BBL Steam Jacketed Brewhouse / Whirlpool (Prospero SK)
7 BBL Lauter/Hot Water/Combi Vessel (Prospero SK)
Sussman ES72 Electric Boiler
Electric Panels

(4) 15 BBL (Prospero SK Group)
(1) 30 BBL fermenters (Dalian Metalworks)

Brite Tanks:
(1) 15 BBL (Prospero SK Group)
(1) 30 BBL (Dalian Metalworks)

Pumping System
(2) Fristam sanitary pumps with stainless steel heads and wash down motors.
(1) Type C216 x 1725 RPM, 1.5 HP
(1) Type C100 x 3450 RPM, 1.0 HP

Support Equipment
-Stainless Steel tubular brewer’s platform with grated bottom
-Malt Mill - Two-roller malt mill with 3 HP Explosion proof motor and stand
-Yeast propagation Tank 1.5 BBL with agitator
-Whaley Products 5 Ton self-contained all weather glycol system with tank and pump
-Plate and frame filter 40cm x 40cm x 20 plates
-3 keg, semi-Automatic Premier Stainless Keg Washer
-More tubing, gaskets, fittings, clamps, sight-glasses than you could ever shake a stick at
-Well over 100 yards of copper & PVC piping too if you want it
-Manuals, manuals, and more manuals
- 80 1/2B kegs
- 140 1/6B kegs

Plus all the engineering designs we have (soft and hard copy) -- hopefully that can save you some design and engineer drawings cost

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