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Thread: First time questions with Biofine Clear

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    First time questions with Biofine Clear

    Used Biofine Clear for the first time in a 15bbl batch of my best bitter. I've done 120 batches on my 7bbl system, and brewed this particular recipe 21 times, so I've got things pretty well locked down as far as process goes.

    I've started canning this beer, so I tried out Biofine Clear to get a clearer product in the cans. I dropped the beer to 55F, dumped yeast, sampled the beer, and things were fine at this point.

    I added the Biofine at 30ml/bbl (15oz total Freedom Units) thru a top port and bubbled CO2 through the bottom port for a half hour to insure thorough mixing.

    Dropped the beer to 32F for a few days. Dumped the cone and sampled, and now the beer has a distinct black tea aroma and flavor. I've never experienced it in a beer before.

    Since my only variable is the Biofine it seems like the most likely culprit, but could it produce those flavors?

    Could it be that I added it at 55F before cold crashing? (That was a brain fart, not deliberate. The beer also didn't clear very much, so I'm assuming this was also the culprit.)

    Is there anything I can do? We considered another round of Biofine now that the beer is cold, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

    Edit: I do know that the best way to use Biofine is inline during the transfer to brite, but because of tank space constraints, I don't often move the beer to a brite and just clear in my unitanks.

    Thanks for any advice,


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    Hi. We use biofine on all our brews. We add it at cold crashing temps but do not bubble co2, we recirculate with a pump at low speed and add it inline.
    30 ml per bbl is a little on the low side, we use 50 to 75 ml per hl. , and after two days we have perfectly clear beer in our unitanks.
    I can’t tell you if the bubbling can affect your flavor, but it’s something that might.
    Hope this helps

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